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HORROR (Genre Playground) 002


The Devils Castle, widely considered as the first horror film it was a 3 minuet short silent film directed by George Melies in 1896. George Melies was the father of cinematic illusion using the stock trick making something disappear. This film featured a skeleton turning into a bat.

2016 Horror Films

Horror is considered the genre of the most strong ration investment. The original Blair Witch Project in 1999 cost $22,500 to make and made $248,000,000 in the box office worldwide. This is a big pull to independent film makers because they can see it is a big profit if it becomes commercially released. Since the start of the 2000 era the number of low budget British horror films have sky rocketed from 3, at the start of 2000, to now going to 250+.

A film called Colin cost a director £45 which was used to buy a Crowbar and a couple of cups of Teas the rest he borrowed off people. It had an astonishing success around the British Isles; it was shot with just two camcorders.

Different countries have different tropes and sub-genres of horror too, and some of these countries make incredible movies. The Japanese version of The Grudge is a lot better than the American version. Most films in the westernised world are impatient and want to know they are watching a horror film, the first 20 minutes are scary and then the character development kicks in and they it will go back to the scary stuff.

Why do we watch HORROR?

French film Critic Andre Bazin says that cinema has three uses potential use for the audience. These three uses are A Mirror, A Window and An Escape Hatch. “The more we see the screen as a mirror rather than an escape hatch, the more we will be prepared for what is to come.” This quote means say if you’re going through a bad break up use can use a film to escape from it and almost relate to it and sometimes it will push you to do something you haven’t done before. This reflects with horror cause you might have had a friends that’s might have died from a certain way, like being tortured murdered and then you will have a bad affect with those films.

Bump in The Night Script



Our lecture Pat Higgins set our task for the week. Our task was to write a 3 page script for a short 3 minuet horror film. Furthermore we had to then create the 3 minuet clip and edit it on Premiere Pro.

I felt this time around the task was fair and after the Film Noir struggles I wanted to make sure that this didn't happen again and amazingly it didn't which is what made me happy on this task. I felt the filming was done well and the final edit is the best I could have got from the clips. I thought of numerous ideas for the script but this film was what my peers and I felt was the best fit for the locations we had come up with.

I believe the good part of this task was defiantly developing and deciding our idea it was by far the most fun and interesting part of the task. This is because we get to see what our group ideas were so we could metaphorically stitch this story together. Also the filming was okay but we had to part ways for the filming so Josh, Kate and Shannon filmed on Tuesday at Josh's house and i Filmed on Wednesday at my house. Luckily all of the footage managed to all fit together. The bad things about this task was the editing as Premiere Pro kept crashing but after a lot of struggles and frustration it worked in the end.

From the situation I can safely say that the group worked well and and the final edit was great and I feel it was a success.

I felt maybe we could have a storyline thats was outside and not inside as i felt it would have given more natural outlook and make the film a little different. Also some of the clip doesn't fully stay with in the script but that was always going to happen as i wanted to add some more stuff, so i would stay with in the scripts guideline.

If this task rose again I would keep to the script and if scenes were going to change not changed them dramatically as there would be a possibility to stay with in the guidelines. Also I would stage most of the film outside and change it to a killer not a ghost.

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